Conserve Video

Journey to India to learn about CONSERVE, the NGO project that makes our utensil holders
from plastic bags.
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Take a journey with To-Go Ware's founder Stephanie Bernstein as she visits WEAVE
on the Thai-Burma border.
Watch the video!

KQED’s Forum with Michael Krasny: Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs

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Body + Soul Cover
body + soul
May 2009


Yoga Journal cover

Yoga Journal
May 2009


New York Magazine

New York
March 2009


Common Ground
March 2009

Natural Solutions
January 2009

Better Homes
December 2008

Pilates Styles
November/December 2008

October 2008

Natural Health
July/August 2008

Fit Yoga Cover

Fit Yoga
April 2008

California Style Cover

California Style
April 2008

Vegetarian Times
July/August 2008

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