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Meet the Bag MonsterTM

Single-use bags are easy to spoof since they're such a bad idea, so ChicoBag invented the Bag Monster. ChicoBag founder, Andy Keller, had been using a huge ball of 500 plastic bags to show people at the farmer's market how many plastic bags an average American uses yearly - and one day he decided to wear it. Thus was the spawning of the first Bag Monster (costume that is).

The Bag Monster is a costume worn by your volunteer to visually show the impact single-use plastic bags have on our environment. These flighty bags end up in trees, along roadsides and washed up on sea shores. Each costume is decked out with 500 plastic bags, the average amount an American uses in one year.

Want a Bag Monster at your event?

Bag Monster suits are the perfect satirical, educational tool for teachers, activists and anyone looking to educate their community about the importance of reuse. Contact to invite the Bag Monster to your event!

Visit the Bag Monster® blog to stay up to date on the reusable bag movement and related environmental news.

10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Single Use Bag Waste

1. Set a good example by saying “no” to a single-use bag when you’re at the store. Others in line will follow suit.

2. Encouraging legislators in your town to implement a grocery bag fee if they haven’t already.

3. Talk to local community and environmental groups about the bag issue and find out if they want to get involved.

4. Encourage local retailers to start a smart bagging policy with these tips:

  • Offer a bag refund to customers who bring their own reusable bags
  • Place signs reminding people to bring their own reusable bags
  • Create a reusable bag drop off for others to use
  • Create an in-store bag recycling program
  • Sell reusable bags in their store

5. Create a petition asking your city to require reusable products from every retailer. Circulate it at schools, universities, the library, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and anywhere else where you can connect with your neighbors.

6. Bring an extra reusable bag to the grocery store the next time you shop and give it away to a stranger who forgot one. Ask them to “Pay it Forward” and give a reusable bag away the next time they shop.

7. Write a letter to the newspaper or local news station explaining the environmental problems with single-use paper and plastic bags.

8. Start a ChicoBag fundraiser to raise money for your cause. It beats cookie dough and candy bars, plus it educates the community on the importance of reuse. Learn more here.

9. Stage a Bag Monster sighting in your community. Contact to get things started.

10. Give your friends and family reusable bags as gifts for birthdays, graduation, housewarming parties, and special holidays.